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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find default installation directory for IBM MQ?

You can display the installation directory by running the /usr/bin/dspmqver command and looking for InstPath in the output. If the install is not setup as the default install and you do not know which directory MQ is installed in you can look at the /etc/opt/mqm/mqinst.ini file which will have a stanza for each installation on the server.

Where do I Find my MQ trace files?

If you traced MQ to diagnose a problem, those trace files will be in the /var/mqm/trace directory. Binary trace files are named AMQ xxxxx. y .TRC, AMQ xxxxx. y .TRS, and formatted traces are named AMQ xxxxx. y .FMT, where xxxxx is the process identifier that created the file and y is a sequence number, normally 0.

How does the IBM MQ queue manager work?

An IBM MQ queue manager can be configured to authenticate connecting users. But it does not keep a list of users or their passwords. That is the functionality that MQ leaves to external resources. There are two options you can choose from:

What is the base directory of RabbitMQ server?

This base directory contains sub-directories for the RabbitMQ server's node database, message store and cluster state files, one for each node, unless RABBITMQ_MNESIA_DIR is set explicitly. It is important that effective RabbitMQ user has sufficient permissions to read, write and create files and subdirectories in this directory at any time.

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