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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Find corporate funders and details about their giving?

To find corporate funders and details about their giving, use Foundation Directory Online , our searchable database of U.S. grantmakers. You can subscribe, or visit our Funding Information Network locations to use the resource for free.

Do companies have to make their corporate giving programs public?

Companies are not required to make this information public. Unless the company chooses to publicize it, you might have difficulty finding who and what a corporate giving program supports and how much it has given.

How should a corporation organize its giving?

How a corporation organizes its giving is mainly determined by internal considerations about tax and legal issues. Corporations, unlike foundations, don't exist to give money away. Grantseekers should keep that in mind. Businesses usually are looking to benefit in some way from their philanthropy.

What iscorporate philanthropy and how does it work?

Corporate Philanthropy refers to the investments and activities a company voluntarily undertakes to responsibly manage and account for its impact on society. Corporate foundations and corporate giving programs traditionally play a major role in these areas.

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