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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of FILEINFO and directoryinfo?

The CopyTo method is used to copy the existing file into new file. The MoveTo method is used to move the file one place to another valid location. The DirectoryInfo class is used to get the information about a directory and some operations like delete, create new directory and sub directories.

Where is the directoryinfo class in System.IO?

The DirectoryInfo class is declared in the System.IO namespace that must be imported before you can use this class. The DirectoryInfo class shares almost all of the same properties as the FileInfo class, except that they operate on directories not files.

Is the name property of a directoryinfo required?

The Name property of a DirectoryInfo requires no permission (beyond the read permission to the directory necessary to construct the Exists) but can give out the directory name. If it is necessary to hand out a DirectoryInfo to a protected directory with a cryptographically secure name, create a dummy directory for the untrusted code's use.

What does sourcedirectory do in C # directoryinfo?

//sourceDirectory: This is the string of the path or directory for which we want to perform certain operations. We can explain the working of the DirectoryInfo class in the following way.

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