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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fortify?

Science-based support for lasting healing from sexual compulsivity. You're not alone. Join tens of thousands from around the world using Fortify to find healing and recovery from sexual compulsivity. "I tried and tried to stop… but I was missing a key component that Fortify has given me.

Is it possible to add input filtering to fortify?

Even if you were to add input filtering, the odds are low that Fortify were to recognize it and stop producing the issue. So, in the end, you'll likely set the issue's analysis to Not an issueand just stop worrying about it. But you must first determine if this is a real security concern or a false positive.

What is forfortify API?

Fortify API is a Python RESTFul API client module for Fortify’s Software Security Center

What does directoryinfocreat do?

Creates a subdirectory or subdirectories on the specified path. The specified path can be relative to this instance of the DirectoryInfo class. Creates a subdirectory or subdirectories on the specified path with the specified security.

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