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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Active Directory objects?

Because Active Directory contains information on specific types of objects such as printer objects, user objects, and computer objects, Active Directory objects are divided into object classes. An objects class is a grouping of attributes with an accompanying name.

How can I see deleted objects in Active Directory?

Resorting an object in Active Directory. In the management console, go to Tools > Active Directory Administrative Center. Click the Deleted Objects folder. Search the list of deleted objects for the object that needs to be restored. Right-click the selected object and select Restore from the shortcut menu.

What is a container object in Active Directory?

Any object in Active Directory Domain Services can be a container of other objects. If you or the sysadmin wanted to group different like items based upon logical grouping, setting permissions, access rights or any other reason - a container can help you organize the chaos.

What is an active directory attribute?

Each Active Directory attribute is of a certain data type. Also, the attributes can be classified as single value or multi value. For example, one common data type is INTEGER. An attribute can be defined with dataype of INTEGER and classified as single value - meaning the attribute can only store one INTEGER value.

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