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Frequently Asked Questions

What is soil vs dirt?

SOIL VS. DIRT. Dirt: Dirt is often rocky, silty, and void of any beneficial nutrients and microbes that healthy plants need. If you add water to a handful of plain dirt, it will not compact well, if at all. Because of these qualities, dirt does not make a good gardening medium. Soil: Soil, on the other hand, is the perfect gardening medium,...

Is it dirt or soil?

Dirt is basically dead soil. It does not contain any of the above. You can add organic matter (compost) to dirt to revitalize it. The organic matter will provide food for beneficial microorganisms so that the ecological system can start to regenerate.

Is dirt a conductor?

Dirt without moisture (water content) is NOT a very good conductor and NOT a good ground. So you are right, dirt is not a very good conductor, by itself, and therefor by itself not a good ground. Dry sand & rock are poor grounds too.

Is dirt good for plants?

Topsoil is good for growing plants and has a special affinity for vegetables, according to ATAK Trucking. Experienced gardeners often combine the topsoil with small amounts of fertilizer, mulch and other plant-loving compounds. One of the greatest roadblocks to proper topsoil planting is inadequate topsoil thickness.

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