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Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations help disabled people?

Community Options (1989) - a national organization founded by Robert Stack and disability advocates to develop employment and housing for people with disabilities. The organization board and staff believe that the most ostensible way to advocate for people with disabilities is through the develop of needed supports.

What if I become disabled?

What Happens if You Become Disabled? A work accident, car wreck, or a serious disease diagnoses can all result in a person's inability to provide for their family through gainful employment.

What are the conditions to qualify for disability?

You can qualify for disability benefits with conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disc disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, heart problems, and many other conditions.

What do you need to get disability?

You need to provide medical records only from the doctors who have treated you for your disabling condition. If you have multiple disabilities, you will need to provide the SSA with medical records from all of the different doctors who have treated you. Make sure that you don’t provide the SSA with irrelevant medical records.

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