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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the disease model of addiction treatment?

Benefits of the Disease Model. A huge part of the disease model is that it treats addiction like a public health issue, which means that actual tangible goals need to be set up, which allows actual recovery to take place.

What is the biomedical model of addiction?

Of all the theories of addiction that researchers have proposed, the biomedical model of addiction seems to get the most attention. This model says that addiction is a brain disease. Its defining feature is that a drug hijacks the brain, leaving the person no choice but to continue using the drug.

Is addiction a disease or a choice?

In the news media, the typical expert describes addiction as a disease. Often these experts work at addiction treatment facilities. It would be easy to conclude that experts agree that addiction is hereditary, incurable, and lifelong. In the addiction field, this view is referred to as the “ disease model .”

Does the “moral model of addiction” differ from the brain disease view?

In contrast to this brain disease view, the “moral model” of addiction stresses personal responsibility toward the addiction such that an individual with an addiction retains free will and personal responsibility for his/her condition (reviewed in Racine et al., 2015).

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