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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four models of addiction?

The disease model of addictions. The disease model holds that addiction is an illness, and comes about as a result of the impairment of healthy neurochemical or behavioral processes. While there is some dispute among clinicians as to the reliability of this model, it is widely employed in therapeutic settings.

What is the brain disease model of addiction?

According to the disease model, addiction is a brain disease. It is characterized by altered brain structure and functioning. These brain abnormalities cause persons with this disease to become addicted to substances or activities, once exposure to these substances or activities occurs. This model considers addiction irreversible once acquired.

Why is addiction considered a disease?

Addiction is considered a brain disease because alcohol and drugs literally change the brain chemically, structurally and functionally.

What is a disease model?

A disease model is a tool to help researchers understand the pathogenesis or mechanisms behind a specific disease. This model can be within a living organism, like an animal model. It can also be a cellular model, or even a computer simulation.

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