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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the brain disease model of addiction?

Of all the theories of addiction that researchers have proposed, the biomedical model of addiction seems to get the most attention. This model says that addiction is a brain disease. Its defining feature is that a drug hijacks the brain, leaving the person no choice but to continue using the drug.

What are the disadvantages of addiction as a disease?

The Disadvantages of Understanding Addiction as a Disease. The first disadvantage of the disease model is that, for individuals with addiction problems, it is distracting. If I drink too much alcohol, my attention would best be focused on what I need to do about this behavior. By focusing on reducing or stopping my drinking,...

Why is neuroscience important to the treatment of addiction?

Understanding the neurobiological changes that the brain undergoes has allowed for developments of novel intervention and prevention methods, while also providing overall stigma reduction. Continued advances in neuroscience research will serve to provide new and effective ways to combat the disease of substance use disorders.

Do you still view addiction as a disease?

Although the experts quoted in the media are likely for a long time to continue to describe addiction as a disease, we each still have the freedom to understand addiction any way we want to. For many of us, not using the labels addict or alcoholic, and having a hopeful perspective on change, will be more helpful.

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