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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common causes of death in Spain?

Cardiovascular Disease. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 33 percent of deaths in Spain. Risk factors include smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. In Spain, about 23.9 percent of adults and 21.7 percent of youth smoke. About 26.6 percent of Spaniards are obese.

Which is the most common respiratory disease in Spain?

Chronic respiratory diseases most common in Spain include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. About 80,000 adults aged 20 to 44 are diagnosed with asthma every year.

How is the health of the people in Spain?

The Spanish mainland is bordered by France on the north and Portugal on the west side. Global health indicators in Spain have been improving steadily since the 1970s. The average life expectancy is one of the highest in the world and mortality rates have been decreasing since the mid-1970s to reach a rate very similar to EU average levels.

Which is the most common mental illness in Spain?

Depression is the most prevalent. About five to 10 percent of Spaniards suffer at least one depressive episode in their lives. Depression and other mental health illnesses have high social impacts because of missed work, costs, morbidity and care.

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