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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of diseases are associated with polymyositis?

For some people, symptoms of polymyositis may be associated with connective tissue disorders , viral infections such as HIV-AIDS , other autoimmune diseases, or diseases that affect the ability to breathe. [2] [3] [4] This means that individuals who have any of these diseases are at a higher risk to develop polymyositis.

Which is the most common type of PolyC disease?

Polya–Polyc 1 Polyarteritis nodosa. 2 Polyarteritis. 3 Polyarthritis, systemic. 4 Polyarthritis. 5 Polychondritis. 6 ... (more items)

What causes the acute form of polyneuropathy?

Acute forms happen when you get the condition suddenly and the symptoms are severe. This type is common when you have an autoimmune reaction or infection causing the nerve damage. A disorder like Guillain-Barré syndrome may be the cause.

What are the causes and symptoms of polyarthritis?

There are many potential causes, so symptoms can vary widely from person to person. Polyarthritis can present as acute episodes or it may become chronic, lasting for more than six weeks. Polyarthritis can follow many viral infections. It may evolve into a specific type of autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis,...

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