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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endendoscope transport tray?

Endoscope Transport Tray. Transports clean scope to the procedure room and soiled scope back to decontamination. Reversible lid to clearly differentiate clean and soiled scopes. Adheres to the SGNA reprocessing guidelines that a scope most be in a closed container to prevent exposure to infectious organisms.

What is the reliance endoscope transport system?

The Reliance Endoscope Transport System is designed to safely and easily transport endoscopes to a procedure room or to reprocessing. Green and red bags clearly indicate clean and dirty scopes, while heavy duty polypropylene bins with lids eliminate the risk of leaks or punctures.

What is the cleanascope™ transport and storage system?

The CLEANASCOPE™ Transport and Storage System protects your endoscopes and other delicate equipment by minimizing direct handling and reducing contact with airborne contaminants during transport and short-term storage. Its patented design creates a protective environment for each disinfected endoscope. CLEANASCOPE™ System | Cantel

Why choose Cantel transport and drying?

Cantel's transport, drying and storage solutions are designed to protect valuable inventory, reduce cross contimination touchpoints, eliminate moisture in the endoscope channels and control humidity. Endoscope Drying, Transport and Storage | Cantel

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