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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build your own record shelves?

Record shelves can be a great way to keep the records right at your fingertips, but the ones they sell online can be extremely expensive to buy and ship. Well, put on your DIY hat, adjust your tool belt for your winter waistline, and build it yourself!

What do you put on the top of a record player?

A hinged top gives you a space to put your record player, while the shelf to the right is perfect for storing books, magazines, or a speaker. The Draper Media Console really does look like something you’d find in Don Draper’s apartment.

What are the best vinyl record shelves for low floorspace?

The best floorspace-saving vinyl record storage solution is one that takes up no floorspace at all. Case in point: the above floating vinyl record shelves that you can easily DIY using IKEA RIBBA picture ledges like Matt Simner. But before you head to IKEA, know that they discontinued their RIBBA picture ledges.

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