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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is vehicle registration in CT?

The following list outlines a sample of the most common CT vehicle registration fees: $80 two-year passenger vehicle registration. $10 Clean Air Act fee. $45 fee for a one-year registration for senior applicants. $21 plate transfer fee, if applicable. $25 title fee.

What is CT Department of motor vehicle?

Motor Vehicle Department. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for enforcing the statutes concerning motor vehicles and their operation, for issuing credentials for motor vehicles, and for imposing sanctions on the credential holders who violate laws and regulations. The agency's Dealers and Repairers Unit regulates auto sellers and repairers.

What is a CT car title?

In general, a CT title transfer for cars is a mandatory procedure that is used to reassign ownership of a given vehicle from the original owner to a new legal owner. A certificate of title is an official document that attests to the current legal owner of a specific motor vehicle,...

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