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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the DMV for permit?

What to Bring to DMV for Drivers License Permit Test: Basic Verification Documents. Well, as it was already mentioned, an applicant can study for driver license test while collecting required documents. The basic checklist includes: proofs of identity; legal presence verification; SSN or a substitute;

What to expect at the DMV for permit test?

What to Expect From the California Permit Test. You'll begin your visit to the DMV by presenting all your documents to the clerk who will confirm that you have all the necessary paperwork. Next, you'll take a vision test. If you need glasses or contacts, you'll be able to wear them during this portion of the exam so don't forget to bring them along.

What to bring to CT DMV permit test?

When you arrive at the Connecticut DMV to take a driver’s permit exam, you must bring the following required legal documents: Two forms of proof of identity, including a U.S. birth certificate or a U.S. passport.

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