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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get duplicate registration in CT?

To obtain a duplicate CT registration in person, head down to your local DMV office location and provide: A completed Request for a Duplicate Motor Vehicle Registration (Form B-341). Your marker plate number. Payment for the $20 fee for duplicate registration.

How much is vehicle registration in CT?

The following list outlines a sample of the most common CT vehicle registration fees: $80 two-year passenger vehicle registration. $10 Clean Air Act fee. $45 fee for a one-year registration for senior applicants. $21 plate transfer fee, if applicable. $25 title fee.

How do you register vehicle in CT?

To register the vehicle you must provide the following: Application for registration and certification title. Current registration certificate and certificate of title if registering a used vehicle. Bill of sale. Current Connecticut insurance card. Identification, such as driver’s license, learner’s permit, or ID card.

How do you cancel your car registration in CT?

You can cancel a registration online or by mail to avoid visiting a DMV office. Cancel Online at  Select Registration and Title, then under Online Services, select Cancel Registration and License Plates.

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