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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips to pass a DMV road test?

8 Critical Driving Test Tips to Walk Out of Your Behind-the-Wheel Exam with a Pass Get plenty of practice. Like anything else, learning how to be a good driver takes lots of time behind the wheel practicing. Know your car. The car you're using for your test should be familiar to you, and not one that you're sitting in for the first time. Prepare and adapt to anything. ... Pay attention to driving. ... DON'T Rush to get there. ... DON'T Tense up. ... More items...

How many times can you take the DMV driving test?

States do, however, limit how many times you can retake the test. This number is usually around three, but no more than five. After that, they may require you to take a driver's education course and wait a given amount of time, usually three to six months.

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