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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get an appointment at DMV?

Either visit your state's DMV website or call your local DMV office for the appointment number. Some branch offices offer a central appointment number, while other states offer appointment numbers by DMV location. Either way, when calling, have your learner's permit number at the ready.

How do I Change my Texas DMV address?

Changing Your Address in Texas. How to change your address in Texas: Change it online on the Texas DPS website, enter your info., and pay the $11 fee. Mail an Application for Change of Address on Application for Change of Address on Valid Texas Driver License & Identification Card(Form DL-64) and pay the fee.

What does the DMV do?

In the US, the Department of Motor Vehicles, most commonly known as DMV, is the official agency in charge of anything that has to do with vehicles, from registration of a car to the issuing of a driver's license to safety and emission inspection. While DMV has become the standard denomination for all transportation...

Where is DMV in Dallas TX?

The Dallas DMV Office is located in Dallas and has the following services: Driver’s License and Renewal, Identification Cards, Written Test, Road Test, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Titles, License Plates, Vehicle Inspections, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), CDL Written Test. Dallas DMV Office. 514 E. Ellendale. Dallas, OR 97338.

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