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Frequently Asked Questions

What age can you start driver's Ed in Texas?

Texas Driver's Ed Eligibility Requirements. Once you turn 14 years old, you can start the classroom phase of a TX driver's education course, but you'll have to wait until you're 15 years old to apply for your learner's permit.

How do I get a Texas DMV number?

Once you receive your federal DOT number, you're ready to request a TxDMV number from the state. Unless you're operating a passenger carrier vehicle, you can complete the registration process online. However, to log into the system, you first need to call the Texas DMV office at (800) 299-1700 to request a unique identifier number (UIN) and pin.

How long do Texas drivers Ed take?

All in all, a Texas teenager is required to take a grand total of 32 hours of driver's ed and 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training before being eligible for their Texas provisional license.

How do you get new drivers license in Texas?

If you are obtaining a new TX drivers license for the first time, you will be required to fill out an application form and submit supporting documentation proving your identity, age and residency status.

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