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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk into any DMV in Texas to renew my drivers license?

Yes, walking in is better than driving through the plate glass doors into the Texas DMV. They say “local” office, only because it is Local to where You are when it is convenient for you to renew your license. And they would prefer that you renew online if possible, since the “walk in” is reserved as the Last option.

How do you renew drivers license in Texas?

To renew your TX driver's license online, visit the Driver License Renewal and Change of Address portal and provide your: TX driver's license number. Date of birth. Audit number (found on your card). Last 4 digits of your SSN. Payment for the applicable fee.

What is required to renew driver's license TX?

To submit a driver’s license renewal form over the phone, TX drivers must be between 18 and 79 years of age and be in the possession of a valid Class C, M or CM license to be eligible. In addition, they should have their SSN and a valid credit card ready to complete the process when applying by phone.

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