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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk into any DMV in Texas to renew my drivers license?

Yes, walking in is better than driving through the plate glass doors into the Texas DMV. They say “local” office, only because it is Local to where You are when it is convenient for you to renew your license. And they would prefer that you renew online if possible, since the “walk in” is reserved as the Last option.

What is needed to renew driver's license in Texas?

You'll need to: Complete an Application For Renewal/Replacement/Change Of A Texas Driver License or Identification Card (Form DL-43). Bring your: Current driver's license. Proof of: Identity. Pass the vision test. Give a thumbprint. Have your photo taken. Pay the renewal fee. See Renewal Fees in TX for a breakdown.

How much does it cost to renew Texas drivers license?

How much it costs to renew a driver’s license in Texas depends on the category that the applying driver falls into. The most common processing fees for renewal requests include: Renewal of driver license (with or without changing address): $25. Renewal of driver license for drivers 85 years of age or older: $9.

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