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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DMV driver report?

Motor Vehicle Report. The Motor Vehicle Report is a report of the candidate's driving history, as reported from the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This includes information on the candidate's license status, type, class, expiration date, etc. and if there have been any records of restrictions, accidents or violations.

How much is vehicle registration in South Dakota?

Registration fees in South Dakota are based on the type, age, and weight of your vehicle. Examples of fees include: Non-commercial vehicles weighing up to 4 tons: 9 years old: $75.60. 10 years old or older: $50.40. Motorcycles under 350 CC: 0 through 9 years old: $18. 10 years old and older: $12.60.

What is the legal driving age in South Dakota?

Be at least: 18 years old to drive within South Dakota only —called intrastate driving. 21 years old to drive anywhere in the country —called interstate driving. Gather paperwork to prove your identity, including: Date of birth and lawful presence in the United States (1 document). Social Security number (1 document).

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