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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dolphin Beach Resort Andaman is the best place to stay?

While housing an on-site restaurant, Dolphin Beach Resort, Andaman makes great effort to provide you a blissful culinary affair. The indian restaurant serves an array of toothsome dishes curated by highly-skilled chefs. Moreover, they are always happy to customize meals as per their preferences.

Where is the Dolphin resort located?

The Dolphin Resort is located on the sea front of Vijaynagar beach. Vijaynagar beach is a long stretch of sand lined with large Mahua trees. These trees give a distinct character to the sea front and provide shade.

Why choose drivedolphin resort?

Dolphin Resort offers comfortable stay in rooms and cottages with spacious garden setting. We are beach front property located directly at Vijay Nagar beach in Havelock Island. Stunning ocean views are guaranteed here.

Why Dolphin resort in Havelock is the best place to stay?

Taking pride in its private beach area, Dolphin Resort in Havelock is a government-run property that offers a quaint shelter for leisure as well as business travelers. It is ideally positioned on Beach no.5 i.e. Vijay Nagar Beach and offer its guests to indulge in various water activities.

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