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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the insurance company for Dominion Dental?

Dominion Dental Services USA, Inc. (DDSUSA) is a licensed administrator of dental and vision benefits. Vision plans are underwritten by Avalon Insurance Company, and administered by DDSUSA, in DC, DE, MD, PA and VA. The Discount Program is offered through DDSUSA in DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA and VA.

How many dentists do dominion national members have?

Dominion National members have access to a robust dental network. In fact, 98% of Dominion members have access to two dentists within 10 miles of their homes. 1 Please contact the dental office before seeking services to confirm the provider and facility are actively participating in the network servicing your plan.

How to join dominion national dental savings plan?

Join the Dominion National dental savings plan . Find a participating dental provider and make your dental appointment. Be sure to login to your member's area to select your dentist in order to maximize your experience at the dentist.

What does a Dominion preferred provider organization mean?

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) A Dominion National PPO plan allows members to receive dental services from either an Elite PPO network dentist or any licensed dentist outside of this network. Out-of-pocket costs are normally lower for dental care received from a dentist inside the Elite PPO network.

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