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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a dental insurance plan on its own?

If you're not covered through your job, you may have to purchase it on your own. However, purchased individually, dental insurance can be a waste of money if your plan doesn't match your needs. Let's look at how to drill through these plans to find out if dental insurance is right for you.

Can you combine dental insurance and a dental plan?

Yes, many health insurance companies give you the option to combine both your health insurance and dental insurance into one plan. Having both with one insurance company allows you to maintain consistency with your insurance providers.

Is dental and vision insurance coverage require?

While vision and dental insurance for adults is not a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, vision and dental benefits for children is a required benefit offer under all plans that qualify as "minimum essential coverage."

What is independent dental insurance?

Independent dental coverage is a dental coverage outside of a group plan that is normally obtained from an employer.

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