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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Business is Dominion East Ohio?

Dominion East Ohio also goes by or is associated with the names Dominion East. They are considered to be part of the following sectors and industries: electric, utility. Dominion East Ohio is associated with terms like electricitynatural gas, public by their customers and industry analysts.

Where to find Dominion Energy rates in Ohio?

Current offers are available for review on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's (PUCO's) website under Compare Natural Gas Offers. Select a customer type (Residential or Commercial) and class, if applicable (ECTS/GSS). Select Dominion Energy Ohio as your Distribution Company.

Where can I find Dominion Energy aggregation map?

To see if an aggregation program is available in your area, please visit the PUCO’s natural gas aggregation map. If you are an eligible residential customer that wishes to enroll in the Standard Choice Offer (SCO), contact Dominion Energy Ohio at 800-362-7557.

How does Dominion Energy compare natural gas prices?

Energy Choice allows you to compare our natural gas prices with other retail natural gas suppliers. If you decide to buy your natural gas from a competitive supplier, Dominion Energy Ohio will still deliver the gas to you, issue bills, and respond to natural gas emergencies.

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