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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dominion Energy manage your energy bill?

In addition to energy conservation in your home, there are a few other options to help you manage your energy costs. Dominion Energy Ohio offers the Budget Billing program, where the cost of your energy usage is spread out over a 12-month period.

Is the Dominion Energy account the same in Ohio and West Virginia?

Dominion Energy’s bank will reject any other format, resulting in delays in payment postings. Be advised that Dominion Energy Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia utilize the same Wells Fargo account, but have different unique identifier biller names (i.e., 540418825-DOM, 340194760-DOM, 550196830-DOM).

How to choose a Dominion Energy SCO in Ohio?

This is the default option for eligible customers who have not chosen a supplier. Eligible customers can elect the SCO by contacting Dominion Energy Ohio.

How many miles of natural gas pipeline does Dominion have?

Dominion Energy is one of the country’s largest transporters and producers of energy. This Ohio energy company has 15,000 miles of natural gas gathering, storage, transmission, and distribution pipeline. Its natural gas storage system has over 1 trillion cubic feet of capacity. That makes it one of the largest gas utilities in the country.

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