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Frequently Asked Questions

What is budget billing at domindominion Energy Ohio?

Dominion Energy Ohio offers the Budget Billing program, where the cost of your energy usage is spread out over a 12-month period. With Budget Billing, you pay a set amount each month rather than lower gas bills in the summer and higher natural gas bills in the winter.

Where can I pay my Dominion Energy Bill in person?

In Person Pay at one of the many payment centers authorized by Dominion Energy. A convenience fee of $1.50 will apply per transaction and must be paid in cash. (This fee is charged by CheckFreePay, a third party vendor.)

Does Dominion Energy have a Wells Fargo account in Virginia?

Be advised that Dominion Energy Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia utilize the same Wells Fargo account, but have different unique identifier biller names (i.e., 540418825-DOM, 340194760-DOM, 550196830-DOM). Are you a business looking to pay a bill?

What is a surety bond for Dominion Energy Ohio?

Dominion Energy Ohio holds this document in lieu of a cash security deposit to protect the Company against loss resulting from unpaid service bills by nonresidential customers. The minimum dollar amount for this application is $500.00. It's very important that the information on the Surety Bond is correct and complete.

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