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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs can you get at Dominion Energy?

We are committed to turning our successful students into employees. More than 70% of our interns return for multiple summers and 75% of our seniors receive offers of employment. We typically hire interns majoring in Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Liberal Arts, Math & Science, and Technology & Trades.

Where does Dominion Energy get its electricity from?

Headquartered in Richmond, Dominion Energy provides electricity to more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in Virginia.

How many college students work at Dominion Energy?

We have internships of all types of students and we want to see you put your skills to the ultimate test. Picture of Dominion Energy Students standing in a line, smiling. Our interns represent over 80 majors, come from over 70 different schools and live in 22 states.

How to become a groundman for Dominion Energy?

This position offers hands-on opportunities to learn about electric distribution and upward advancement with Dominion Energy in areas of design, dispatch, or substation. The role will challenge you while also offering you the chance to sharpen your skills in a fast-paced, exciting atmospheres. Apply for one of our Groundman openings today!

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