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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Register my Dominion Energy account?

Register to manage your account online. View/pay bills, make service requests and more. Builders and contractors can manage work requests online from start to finish. Register now to get started. Register to manage your properties online. Start/stop service, download reports and more.

How do I Change my Dominion Energy auto payment day?

You can choose the most convenient day to make your payment and change your AutoPay day if you need to. There are no fees. Sign in to your account to enroll in AutoPay or to make changes to your existing AutoPay enrollment.

What is the privacy policy for Dominion Energy?

Privacy Policy & Cookies: We use cookies and similar technologies. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Notice . The key to remaining safe is proper planning.

Where do I find my dominion account number?

Your account number is located in the upper, middle section of your bill. It is above your name and service address. It is 19 digits long and begins with "0 3".

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