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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage your Dominion Energy Ohio account?

Use this form to email us about your Dominion Energy Ohio gas account, service, or for help using Manage Your Account. We try our best to respond to emails within two business days. If you have an account question, save time and manage your account online. To start or stop AutoPay, call 800-362-7557 or manage your account online.

How do I Change my Dominion Energy auto payment day?

You can choose the most convenient day to make your payment and change your AutoPay day if you need to. There are no fees. Sign in to your account to enroll in AutoPay or to make changes to your existing AutoPay enrollment.

How much does it cost to pay a Dominion Energy Bill?

Residential customers: $1.65 per transaction (up to $1,000 per transaction) Non-residential customers: $14.95 per transaction (up to $15,000 per transaction) Credit or Debit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX You can make up to five (5) payments in three (3) days or up to ten (10) payments in 30 days.

Where is Dominion Energy located in Richmond VA?

Dominion Energy Virginia P.O. Box 26543 Richmond, VA 23290-0001 Courier/Overnight (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

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