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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dominion Energy say on the phone?

The caller ID says “Dominion Energy” and the caller says that because your account is behind, your power will be disconnected within the hour unless payment is provided immediately, over the phone, using a prepaid debit card. Sound familiar? Don't be worried, it’s a scam.

How do you pay a Dominion Energy Bill?

You can pay any charges that you owe in person, online, or at a designated payment center. See all payment options. Verify what you’re being told about your account. Hang up and call Dominion Energy, or sign into your online account to confirm whether or not a payment is due.

Are there Dominion Energy Flyers in the mail?

The Facebook post claims flyers people received in the mail are a scam because they look like they're from Dominion Energy, but when you open the envelope, the flyer actually is from another company. We set out to VERIFY if the flyers are legit. This video file cannot be played.

What does Dominion Energy do for home protection?

Dominion partnered with the business to market home protection plans. Dominion Energy also allowed HomeServe to use the Dominion branding. See Also: Who pays for Dominion's Puerto Rico assistance?

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