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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dominion Energy do for the community?

" Each year, employees lead efforts to beautify parks, remove invasive species, build community gardens and more. In 2020, Dominion Energy committed $25 million to be shared by 11 historically black colleges and universities in Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina.

How big is Dominion Energy's Solar power fleet?

Our solar fleet, already the 3rd largest among US utility holding companies, will grow from a current output of 396 megawatts to approximately 16,000 megawatts by 2035. See our solar facilities.

Where are Dominion Energy's Offshore wind turbines located?

Offshore wind generation is a critical resource for meeting our customers’ expectations around reducing carbon emissions. We have the largest offshore wind project under development in the United States. Once complete in 2026, around 180 wind turbines off the coast of Virginia will power up to 660,000 Dominion Energy Virginia customers’ homes.

What does HBCU promise mean for Dominion Energy?

The six-year "HBCU Promise SM " program will support endowments, capital projects, operating expenses and educational programs in clean energy. As part of that program, Dominion Energy recently hosted a forum with HBCU leaders to discuss equity in higher education.

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