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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay my Dominion Energy South Carolina Bill?

Dominion Energy South Carolina offers bill pay options. Make a payment online, in-person, via automatic bank draft, credit or debit card, or by mail.

What does Dominion Energy do for a living?

In 2019, Dominion Energy contributed $48.5 million to social betterment through energy assistance, grants to cultural and educational organizations, matching gifts, and sponsorships. We like to hire people with great potential — then help them live up to it.

What is the privacy policy for Dominion Energy?

Privacy Policy & Cookies: We use cookies and similar technologies. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Notice . The key to remaining safe is proper planning.

When do Dominion Energy air conditioner events occur?

During periods of high demand, Dominion Energy may call an “event” whereby program participants’ air conditioner or heat pump compressors are cycled on and off at defined intervals. Events do not occur on weekends or holidays.

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