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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VA dom program?

The Domiciliary Care Program is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) oldest health care program. Established in the late 1860's, the Domiciliary's purpose was to provide a home for disabled volunteer soldiers of the Civil War.

How do I pay my electricity bill online?

Paying on an Electricity Company Website Find your last statement from the electric company. Read the statement and find your account number and the company’s website. Go to the company’s website. Look for a button that says “Pay Online” or “Pay your Bill.” Read the instructions. Grab your checkbook.

What is electric bill payment?

Electronic bill payment is a feature of online, mobile and telephone banking, similar in its effect to a giro, allowing a customer of a financial institution to transfer money from their transaction or credit card account to a creditor or vendor such as a public utility, department store or an individual...

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