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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rebates can I get from Dominion Energy?

Up to $100 Rebate – receive a one-time rebate up to $100 when you purchase an eligible smart thermostat, with a maximum of two rebates per household for different smart thermostats purchased during the program time period. Customers must have a heat pump to be eligible for the rebate, see eligibility details.

How can I save energy with Dominion Energy?

Get discounts and rebates on ENERGY STAR® Certified lighting, appliances and smart thermostats. Ways to save on your heating and cooling. A program that helps you purchase a level 2 charger and helps Dominion Energy maintain demand on the grid.

How to apply for Dominion Energy Ves in Virginia?

Qualifications: You must be a current Dominion Energy Virginia residential customer and appliances must be purchased by December 31, 2019. Customers must include a legible copy of the entire sales receipt, which includes product information for each appliance purchased, purchase price, purchase date, and retailer business information.

How much does Dominion Energy pay for smart thermostats?

Smart Thermostat Rewards Program. Enroll in the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program and receive $35 after your first year of participation and $10 per year thereafter. Participating smart thermostats have to allow control for 75% of the event hours of the Summer season to qualify for the yearly incentive payment.

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