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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an online version of the game Dominion?

And it’s free to play online! A physical game of Dominion in progress. Recommendations from the world of culture we think you should check out. The card game Dominion, specifically its online version, is the most addictive time-waster I’ve ever encountered.

How do you get matched in Dominion online?

Matching: This is the menu you start on when you log in. Here you can be matched automatically with another human player, in either a rated or practice game, or you can start a quick game against the AI. Any game started this way will be played with a fully randomized set of Kingdom cards, according to your settings.

What's the best way to learn online Dominion?

The wonderful thing about online Dominion, though, is that it enables you to learn the game very quickly, and it lets you try out unfamiliar cards and expansions without shelling out $40-odd bucks for each box. If you don’t believe me, sign up and start a game against a bot right now.

Can you play Dominion online against Real People?

But there was a lot of Dominion in between stories. Playing the base version of Dominion online is free. You can play against the computer or against real people. If you’re working from home, or if you’re currently out of work/school and trying to pass time, sign up.

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