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Which is the best dictionary definition of Dominion?

Define dominion. dominion synonyms, dominion pronunciation, dominion translation, English dictionary definition of dominion. n. 1. Control or the exercise of control; sovereignty: "The devil ... has their souls in his possession, and under his dominion" . 2. A territory or sphere...

What is the meaning of domain in Tagalog?

A geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization. During World War I (1914-18), Germany lost its control of Njoya’s domain. Noong Digmaang Pandaigdig I (1914-18), hindi na napasailalim sa pamamahala ng Alemanya ang kaharian ni Njoya. No, for all is freedom and unrestricted joy in this domain .

What does the word domination mean in Tagalog?

It is universal domination, or sovereignty. Iyon ay ang pansansinukob na pamamahala, o soberanya. (Mt 24:3) Jesus’ promise to be with his disciples in their discipling work right down to the conclusion of the system of things also must refer to the conclusion of the state of affairs resulting from domination by Satan.

What is the definition of Dominion in Israel?

— Evert Kleynhans, Quartz, 15 May 2021 Israeli dominion over all aspects of Palestinian life doesn’t start and stop. — Natalie Shure, The New Republic, 24 May 2021 Upper air is the domain of F-35s and spy planes, while lower air is the dominion of helicopters and drones.

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