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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dominion online game free to play?

The cards in the supply piles are pre-chosen, and new cards are introduced quite slowly, in order to allow new players to become familiar with the basic concepts before presenting them with more advanced strategies. Dominion Online is free to play - and gives new players access to all the cards found in the original base game.

What do you do with all the cards in Dominion?

Choose one: +3 Cards; or +2 Actions. Discard any number of cards. +$1 per card discarded. When another player plays an Attack card, you may reveal this from your hand. If you do, +2 cards, then put 2 cards from your hand on top of your deck.

What are the basic rules of the game Dominion?

The game’s expansions complicate this basic ruleset in various ways, but the core of Dominion is dead-simple. Draw five cards. Play some of the cards. Buy a new card. Discard everything you played and bought. Draw five more cards. Repeat.

How do you get matched in Dominion online?

Matching: This is the menu you start on when you log in. Here you can be matched automatically with another human player, in either a rated or practice game, or you can start a quick game against the AI. Any game started this way will be played with a fully randomized set of Kingdom cards, according to your settings.

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