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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of the Dominion game?

Dominion Rules. One you have a deck of cards and community card stacks set up, you begin play. Determine who goes first, then take turns drawing five cards from the community deck of cards. Each player’s turn includes a draw phase (draw 5 cards), an action phase, a buy phase, and a cleanup phase.

What do you need to set up Dominion?

To set up Dominion, you’ll need to separate out three denominations of Treasure Cards, one Curse Card, and three types of Victory Cards. Victory cards usually have no value during the game, but they are essential to winning the game at its conclusion. You’ll also need to set up 10 decks of Kingdom Cards. These cards tend to be action cards.

How do you get matched in Dominion online?

Matching: This is the menu you start on when you log in. Here you can be matched automatically with another human player, in either a rated or practice game, or you can start a quick game against the AI. Any game started this way will be played with a fully randomized set of Kingdom cards, according to your settings.

When do you start your turn in Dominion?

Once the player has drawn a new hand of 5 cards, the next player starts his turn. To speed up play, players may begin their turns while the previous players are completing their clean-up phases, but when someone plays an Attack card, the players must complete their Clean-up phases first in order to resolve the Attack.

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