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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dominion Energy get its electricity from?

Headquartered in Richmond, Dominion Energy provides electricity to more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in Virginia.

Where do I go to pay my Dominion Energy Bill?

Visit any authorized payment center to pay your bill in person. Please bring your bill or account number when making a payment. For each transaction, a $1.50 convenience fee will apply. (This fee must be paid in cash.) Money orders (written to the authorized payment center, not to Dominion Energy)*

Is the Dominion Energy account the same in Ohio and West Virginia?

Dominion Energy’s bank will reject any other format, resulting in delays in payment postings. Be advised that Dominion Energy Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia utilize the same Wells Fargo account, but have different unique identifier biller names (i.e., 540418825-DOM, 340194760-DOM, 550196830-DOM).

What is the privacy policy for Dominion Energy?

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