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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of Dominion software company?

Dominion has no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, or any ties to Venezuela. Dominion works with all political parties; our customer base and our government outreach practices reflect this nonpartisan approach.

Why was there a misallocation of votes at Dominion?

The software did not cause a misallocation of votes; it was a result of user human error. Even when human error occurs, it is caught during county canvasses. It is also completely false that the county had to or will have to hand count all their ballots. The ballots were properly counted by the tabulators.

What kind of payroll software does Dominion use?

Payroll & HR. One Platform. Streamline your payroll and HR processes with Dominion. Our installations team works closely with you to ensure a seamless transition to our software.

What kind of customer service does Dominion offer?

We offer monthly demos, year-end workshops, and an online help center you can access at any time. Our philosophy at Dominion is to provide a simplified user experience backed by unparalleled customer service. Dominion gives you the power to make strategic, data-driven decisions about people.

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