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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Giuliani's complaint against Dominion dismissed?

Giuliani requested that the complaint against him be dismissed for three reasons: Dominion is a corporation, it may only recover lost profits and that the company must plead damages for its defamation claim. Nichols said Dominion’s complaint does allege lost profit with specificity. Story continues below advertisement

Did Dominion just lose its lawsuit to Rudy & Sidney?

DOMINION JUST LOST THEIR LAWSUIT to Rudy & Sidney!! Despite the claim being fake, several netizens fell prey to it. "Dominion always on the wrong side. Helped steal the election for a man with no brain and no worthwhile experience. Lost their lawsuits with Powell & Guiliani. Losing the lawsuit against Lindell.

Is Rudy Giuliani's case still active?

Both cases are still active at the time of publication, according to court records accessible via PACER and CourtListener. Giuliani filed a motion to dismiss the case against him April 7, and on May 24, his lawyers filed a “ reply to opposition to motion ” to support his motion to dismiss the case.

Is Dominion a public figure?

Dominion is almost certainly a public figure, at least insofar as issues of election integrity are concerned. Mr. Giuliani's statements were based on the declaration of an anonymous Venezuelan military officer, which he obtained from another Trump lawyer named Sidney Powell.

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