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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of the word downer?

Definition of downer. 1 : a weak, sick, or crippled animal in shipment that is down and cannot get up —often used attributively a downer cow. 2 : a depressant drug; especially : barbiturate.

Who is the Downer Group in Australia and New Zealand?

Downer Group is an integrated services company active in Australia and New Zealand. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchange as Downer EDI (DOW), Downer is an ASX 100 company that also owns 88 per cent of Spotless Group Holdings (SPO).

Is there a downer for the stock market?

— Patrick Lucas Austin, Time, 6 July 2021 Surging oil is good news for energy shares, but a downer for growth stocks. — Bernhard Warner, Fortune, 6 July 2021 Cleveland’s offseason program ended on a downer for Schwartz last week.

How many Downer sites are there in Australia?

Downer has over 300 sites across Australia and New Zealand with our head office based in Sydney. We are the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers and our people. This opens in a new window.

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