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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are employed by Downer Group?

Downer is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and employs more than 50,000 people. View our latest ASX announcements as well as financial reporting, key dates and shareholder information.

Why are there so many problems at Downer?

That’s not the only problem in the EC &M division. Downer has also been forced to review its project pipeline after being hit by lower-than-expected project win rates and expected delays in the awards of projects in the mining construction market and the renewable energy sector.

Who are the owners of Downer and CIMIC?

In addition to the two construction giants, there have been profit warnings from gold miners St Barbara and Evolution Mining, private health insurer NIB, Super Retail Group, chemicals giant Nufarm, retailer Mosaic (which owns Noni B) and software provider Gentrack.

Is there cross division support at Downer Group?

Not much cross-division technical support, since they all operate as separate business entities and one is on their own to solve problems but there's understanding that no one is a know it all. All in all, there are hectic days at work but I see Downer as my new home now. Was this review helpful? Everything basically was off.

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