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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sydney growth train delivered by Downer?

The Sydney Growth Train (SGT) delivered by Downer, is the centrepiece of the New South Wales Government’s More Trains, More Services

Where is the head office of Downer Rail?

Our people are fundamental to the culture and success of Downer. Downer has over 300 sites across Australia and New Zealand with our head office based in Sydney. Downer has over 100 years’ rail experience providing end-to-end, innovative transport solutions.

What kind of train is the Downer Sgt?

The Downer SGT fleet is based on the proven Waratah platform which continue to show exceptional performance in reliability and availability, and is the current generation train operating on the Sydney rail network.

What does Downer trains do for the environment?

Downer develops and delivers world-class trains with exceptional fleet performance, environmental and sustainability outcomes through a range of innovations and proven methods that minimise energy use, generation of pollutants and waste, and support effective use of technologies that contribute to overall reliability.

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