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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to 8x8 workdesktop?

8x8 WorkDesktop 1 Download the App. To get started, first download the desktop app. 2 Forgot Username and Password. Launch the application and enter your 8x8 login and password. Click Login. Don’t know your... 3 Navigation. More ...

What is the difference between 8x8 work for desktop and EXE?

The two packages are fundamentally different, using different deployment and update mechanisms. 8x8 strongly recommends employing the EXE installer, as it ensures that users are easily able to enjoy the latest fixes, features, and security enhancements available in Work for Desktop.

How do I download and install the 8x8 meet desktop app?

How do I download and install the 8x8 Meet Standalone desktop app? Downloading and installing the desktop application for 8x8 Meet. From an internet browser, navigate to this website. Under Desktop, click Windows or macOS. This will initiate a download of the application.

What is the 8x8 work for Microsoft Outlook integration?

The 8x8 Work for Microsoft Outlook integration allows you to schedule 8x8 meetings in your Outlook client for Windows. 8x8 Work integration for Outlook requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 8x8 Work for Desktop does not sync both ways with Outlook.

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