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Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser is better than chrome?

Bigger scores are better and, as you can see, the Microsoft Edge browser is 24% faster than Google Chrome, which is the second in this test. Even Google's own Octane 2.0 benchmark says that Microsoft Edge is the best web browser in the world.

Where can I download Google Chrome for Windows 10?

Go to the Google Chrome website in which you can directly find the download link of Google Chrome for Windows 10 personal computer. 2. Next, you should click on“download Chrome”. 3. Determine if you want Chrome as your default browser or not so that it will be easy for you to use Google Chrome.

Which browser is compatible with Windows 10?

However, Windows 10 comes with built-in browser called Microsoft Edge which is highly enhanced as comparison to internet explorer. Alternatively, you can use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in your Windows 10 PC. Both are compatible and fast browsers.

How do you setup Google Chrome browser?

To set Google Chrome as your computer’s default browser, do these: 1.Click Window’s Start Menu on the lower-left part of your computer’s screen. 2.Click on Settings. 3.From Settings, open the System Settings. 4.Click the Default Apps option. 5.Scroll down until you get to the Web Browser option.

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