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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill out a Schedule C?

To complete Schedule C, you need records of the income your business received and the cost of goods sold. You must list your business expenses; these include things like rent, utilities, insurance, taxes and depreciation.

Where to find Schedule C in taxes?

Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business is part of the individual income tax return IRS Form 1040. It shows the income of a business for the tax year, as well as deductible expenses. The resulting net profit or loss of the business, found on line 31, is then reported (beginning with 2018 taxes) on Schedule 1 (line 12) of Form 1040.

What are Schedule C deductions?

Schedule C deductions are listed on the form in alphabetical order. They range from advertising to wages, encompassing 19 types of expenses. These include ordinary business expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies and interest on business loans.

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